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Top 3 Common Mishaps That Can Affect Your Plumbing

Those of you who like to partake in a little DIY may have encountered a time when things haven’t gone quite to plan, and you have ended up causing more of a problem than you started with. Here at County Heating and Plumbing we have come across a number of DIY disasters that can end up affecting your plumbing. Stay away from these common DIY mishaps and you will be able to keep your plumbing fully intact.

1. Hammering Through Walls

We’ve all done it. Whether it’s to hang up a picture or remove a wall in your home a simple tap in the wrong place can be where it all goes wrong. If you manage to hit a pipe running through the wall the result could not only be extremely messy, but much more costly.

2. Fixing A Leaky Tap

For many people this may seem like a relatively easy job to do, however there are many things that could go wrong with this. Firstly not turning off the water from the mains is always a common problem; water gushing out from everywhere is never going to help your situation. Not tightening the nuts that keep the tap watertight enough or too even too much can cause more problems in itself.

3. Unblocking The Drain

For those who think sticking more objects down the drain is going to unblock the real problem, think again. You are more likely to damage the system or drop that item down the drain as well, leaving you with a bigger problem. Unless the blockage is minor, drain unblocking is best left to a professional.

If you feel the need to carry out a bit of DIY-ing, make sure you know what you are doing and ensure that all mains water and electric supplies are turned off before you work on them. If you do happen to find yourself in a spot of trouble, and you need to find a reliable and efficient plumbing company to come to your aid, we here at County Heating and Plumbing can help.

We have a number of skilled plumbers to help you sort out the problem and limit the damage. For more information on our services call us on 07818 417 749 and we will send someone out as soon as possible.

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