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Renewable Energy for Your Home

If you’re interested in source of renewable energy then you’ve probably already done your research into the way that solar panels transform light from the sun into energy for your home. Unfortunately, solar panels are only an option if you have a suitable South facing roof space, which not every property does.

But there are other ways to make the most of natural energy, such as the ground source heat pump. This system of pipes lies under the surface in your garden and absorbs heat from the ground, before channelling it into your house to be used for hot water and heating.

The temperatures underground stay at a surprisingly constant level all year round, so a ground source heat pump will function all through the winter months. This environmentally friendly heating method works best in well insulated properties, and can help to reduce your bills or even make you money as part of a government incentive to buy back any excess that is generated (the Renewable Heat Incentive).

A heat pump is known as ‘fit and forget’ technology because of the low maintenance that is required after installation. To find out more about whether your home could benefit from this system, why not talk to the experts?

Here at County Heating & Plumbing we were a founder member of the ‘Ground Source Heat Pump Association’, and we’re are always happy to share our experiences and offer advice. We cover a wide area including Cambridge, Ely, St Ives, Royston and Newmarket, so contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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